Goals and Practice

  • Community. Our first goal is to create a strong, intercultural, and supportive community of young scholars who work together to promote systematic and empirical knowledge in the field of media and communication.
  • Collaboration. Our second goal is to promote the importance of research collaboration within and across disciplines and boundaries. This relates not only to theoretical perspectives, but also to methodological approaches to empirical research issues.
  • Comparability. Our third goal is to promote the need for comparative perspectives between countries, across social groups, and over time.
  • Criticality. Our fourth goal is to promote a clear, critical perspective on contemporary research and theory in media and communication, based on the first three pillars — collaboration, community, and comparability.
  • Diversity. Our fifth goal is to promote cross-boundary critical and comparative research by working to promote a diverse group of issues and participants in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, physical abilities, religious beliefs, and political beliefs.



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Aaron R. Vicencio

Aaron R. Vicencio

Photography with space, landscape, and memory. Currently teaching at Ateneo de Manila University