Lisa Sommerlad
Institute of Geography, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

John Marazita
Department of Geography and Environment, University of Geneva

Julian Zschocke
Institute of Geography, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Yossi David
Department of Communication, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

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This essay begins with four strangers, all early-career researchers working at European Universities. As the reality of the pandemic set in, the four strangers in various stages of their careers were spread across the globe: A German in Mauritius, an Italian in Samoa…

The Network of Interdisciplinary Media and Communication Research (NIMCR) brings together an international group of young scholars from diverse cultural backgrounds, working within and across disciplines, methods, and boundaries. We believe that academic knowledge is best generated collectively.

For this reason, we promote collaborative work that seeks to develop conceptual, methodological, and empirical approaches that expand critical knowledge in the fields of media, communications, and media geographical research both locally, (trans)nationally, and inter-culturally. …

Based on a social scientific approach, our work at NIMCS is guided by five main goals:

  • Collaboration. Our second goal is to promote the importance of research collaboration within and across disciplines and boundaries. This relates not only to theoretical perspectives, but also to methodological approaches to empirical research issues.
  • Comparability. …

Unmasking production protocols in creating video learning objects

Behind the scenes of the Magisterial Lectures production at the Hyundai Theater of the Arete, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines

For the past 10 weeks, Ateneo de Manila has been producing video lectures from esteemed faculty and topic experts as an adjustment to online learning. These lectures are 15–18 minutes long per episode, come with low-bandwidth learning packets that contain PDFs of the lectures, transcripts, and audio only versions.

March 12 word cloud from President Rodrigo Duterte

After the start of the quarantine in the Philippines, I started creating word clouds from the periodic speeches made by Philippines President Duterte. These were broadcast over the public and government owned channel, PTV.

These were generated from the transcripts of the presidential speeches from the following dates: March 12, 16, 30, April 4, and 6, 2020.

Consistent words are: Ako (me, or I), hindi (don’t, shouldn’t, negatory indication of action), baranggay (smallest government unit in the Philippines). Government, police, and patay (dead) are on the next tier. COVID, COVID-19, and coronavirus are around 8 mentions per speech.

China gets…

At the Ultimate All-Stars Weekend
Manila Philippines, 23–24, July 2011

Words and Photos by Aaron Vicencio. Access was provided by
MVP Sports Foundation

Kobe arrived in a private plane from Hong Kong. He had twenty plus pieces of luggage with him, all Louis Vuitton in different sizes and categories. I remember riding on the floor of the Ford E350 in awe. He had a basketball with him throughout the entire trip, the flight attendants told me.

Landscape, memory, and the challenges of drone videography of Marawi City after the siege

Words and Images by Aaron

Words and photos by Aaron Vicencio

Coach Tab Baldwin shoots while the Ateneo Men’s Basketball team stretches for practice.

Ateneo defeats UP, 89–63 to sweep the first round.

Kouame had 19 points, 15 rebounds and 7 blocks.

So far no one has solved the Ateneo defensive puzzle. UST came close. UP controlled a half. But the puzzle keeps turning. Ateneo’s deep roster has contributed in their own way through seven games.

Maganda lang siguro gising.” — Gian Mamuyac
Ateneo’s all around wingman stablized a rough and tumble endgame for the Blue Eagles. He finished with with a career-best 14 points, four rebounds, two assists, and two steals.

Aaron R. Vicencio

Photography with space, landscape, and memory. Currently teaching at Ateneo de Manila University

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